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Criminal Appeals

A guilty verdict and its consequences in a Wisconsin criminal case do not always mean the end of your rights. You can challenge the conviction or the sentencing imposed by the court. Judges are humans and sometimes make errors ruling on admissibility of evidence of rulings on objections. As a criminal appeals attorney, Paul Bonneson may provide you with the opportunity to have your sentient or wrongful conviction reviewed by an appellate court.

Pursuing Your Rights

A review of your criminal case by a skilled and knowledgeable Wisconsin appeals attorney may disclose a variety of grounds for appealing the sentence or conviction to a higher court. Some of the more common errors that lead to appeals in criminal cases include:

  • An error by the judge in denying the defense request to submit certain evidence.
  • A sentence that does not meet the standards of the law
  • Misconduct by the police or prosecution that hindered your ability to obtain a fair trial
  • The admission of evidence by the prosecution which the judge should have excluded
  • Invalid instructions to the jurors from the judge
  • Errors by the trial judge in ruling pertaining to issues of state or federal laws

An Appeal Does Not Mean a Retrial

Decisions made by the trial court judge must meet the laws and constitution of Wisconsin, and if the case is in federal court, then the laws and constitution of the United States. An appeal represents a review by the higher court of the actual record of what happened in the trial court. Appellate courts have the authority to overturn legal errors. However, they do not have the authority to consider additional or new evidence.

Nevertheless, appellate courts provide a critical purpose by having the authority to overturn a sentence or wrongful conviction and send the case back for resentencing or a new trial. The right to appeal a criminal conviction provides you with an opportunity to dispute an excessive sentence or unjust conviction.

Skilled, Knowledgeable Legal Advice

Attorney Paul Bonneson offers skilled, knowledgeable legal advice, and he can review your conviction or sentence to determine if a state or federal appeal can be of assistance to you.

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