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Paul G. Bonneson

Having an experienced attorney working diligently on your behalf is essential when you are fighting against criminal charges, making an appeal, or trying to iron out difficult family law issues. In Wauwatosa, WI, people find the exceptional legal assistance, advice and representation they need at Bonneson Law Offices.

Attorney Paul G. Bonneson

For the past 32 years, since he was first licensed in Wisconsin in 1984, Attorney Paul G. Bonneson has helped clients find solutions to complex legal problems. He has over 25 years of experience with Criminal Defense and Criminal Appeals cases, and additional experience working on Family Law cases. Paul has helped hundreds of clients from all of Wisconsin resolve their legal matters and challenges.

A hard-working attorney, Paul Bonneson goes the extra mile to help clients, and he is available on weekends, in addition to all week. He earned his Juris Doctor Law Degree in 1984, at the Drake University Law School and immediately went into private practice.

Criminal Defense Legal Services

Attorney Paul G. Bonneson has devoted a good portion of his legal work to defense of persons who are wrongly accused of committing offenses. He knows how to investigate cases thoroughly, including consultation with experienced investigators and experts to develop the strongest possible defense strategy. He keeps clients informed about the status of their case and makes sure they understand the legal processes they must go through. His main goal is to get cases dismissed or to obtain an acquittal when the case goes to a jury trial.

Criminal Appeals

For over 25 years, Attorney Bonneson has represented clients in criminal appeals before the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and in the Supreme Court of Wisconsin. He represents clients who are unhappy with their prior trial results and want to obtain a dismissal or appeal for a more reasonable sentence. If you have been convicted of a criminal offense, take time to discuss this with Paul to determine if you can achieve a better result by fighting in an appeal.

WI Family Law Attorney

Another area of concern to many people is Family Law. Attorney Paul G. Bonneson has handled hundreds of Family Law cases for clients in Wisconsin, with excellent results. He understands the toll family problems take on all members of the family, and how all workable solutions need to protect minor children.

If you have legal matters to resolve in the areas of Criminal Defense, Criminal Appeals or Family Law, contact Attorney Paul G. Bonneson at the Bonneson Law Offices, in Wauwatosa, WI.

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