Paul G. Bonneson | Wisconsin Criminal Attorney

If you have a criminal charge and upcoming trial, you must choose a Milwaukee area criminal defense attorney who is knowledgeable, skilled and engaged in mounting and presenting an aggressive defense. Attorney Paul Bonneson has had many years of experience in defending individuals wrongly charged with committing crimes, and he takes an active role in identifying methods to have your case dismissed.

Criminal defense attorney Paul Bonneson has an extensive network of proficient investigators and other professionals for consultation in preparation for trial. He will communicate frequently and clearly with you about the status of your case, his proposed tactics and strategy, and how the case is progressing. His primary goal is do everything possible that may get your case dismissed or obtain an acquittal at a jury trial.

Appellate Attorney

Mr. Bonneson has represented wrongly convicted clients for over 25 years, and he has had over 200 cases go to the Wisconsin Court of Appeals and a variety of cases go to the Supreme Court. If you have been wrongly convicted or unjustly sentenced, criminal defense attorney Paul Bonneson has the experience with the appellate system to fight aggressively for the dismissal of your case, a new trial on appeal, or a more reasonable sentence. You should not simply accept the unjust result of a criminal case without fighting for better results on appeal.

As a criminal defense lawyer in Wauwatosa, Mr. Bonneson will work diligently to expose any weakness in the prosecution’s case, which can result in outstanding results. He will analyze the entire police report, and each individual word will be examined to look for deceptive statements or other errors which can be exploited on your behalf.

If there is any way to win your case or have it dismissed before trial, attorney Paul Bonneson will be there standing with you, examining the evidence, and identifying errors and weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. He has over 25 years of trial experience, and he will use every tool available that may tilt the scales of justice towards you.

His goal is to ensure that no one can take advantage of you in the criminal justice system. He will aggressively and skillfully advocate for your rights rather than waiting for the DA to build their case. He will defend you from the first phone call.

Mr. Bonneson’s appellate experience includes the following published cases. (1) Crest Chevrolet v. Willemsen, 129 Wis.2d 129, 384 N.W.2d 692 (1986); (2) State of Wisconsin v. Rogers, 196 Wis.2d 817, 539 N.W.2d 897 (Ct. App. 1995); (3) Consumer’s Coop v. Olson, 142 Wis.2d 465, 419 N.W.2d 211 (1988); (4) Sheboygan County v. Tanya M.B., 2010 WI 55, 775 N.W.2d 531 (2010); (5) Matter of: Goodger v. City of Delavan, 134 Wis.2d 348, 396 N.W.2d 778 (Ct.App. 1986).

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, practiced criminal defense attorney, contact Paul Bonneson today for a confidential consultation regarding your case.